Aescuvest Alumni Testimonial

Christian Setz

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To who Aescuvest is perfect for:

For everyone who wants to raise funds for developments in health and also make their mission visible to a broad audience at the same time.

How you describe Aescuvest to someone new:

Aescuvest is the investment platform where health development projects can present themselves to a broad audience interested in investing with simplicity in health startups.

Your original intention for starting a fundraising campaign on Aescuvest:

Raising funds of course. However, it was also important to us to make the general audience aware of the still existing challenges with viral infections and that these issues still need novel solution approaches.

Something unexpected you got out of Aescuvest, if applicable:

We were surprised that we could form an “inner circle” for the biggest supporters of our campaign, which we stay in touch with for years already. Also working with Aescuvest helped us to professionalize even further and sometimes gave us special access to relevant industry events.

The most valuable outcome Aescuvest enabled you to:

Aescuvest enabled us to think differently about marketing for a small biotechnology company.

What makes Aescuvest different than other funding options:

Only with Aescuvest you can become so visible to a broad audience outside of the typical professional life science investment sector.

Advice for prospective Start-ups:

Raising funds is not cheap. Therefore, also look at the “soft benefits” of a funding campaign with Aescuvest such as further professionalization and visibility.