Surge-on Medical: “Our portable robot is on its way”

Surge-on Medical is currently developing a surgical robotic system that is portable, cleanable, affordable, and compatible with our steerable instruments: the Portable Laparoscopy Robot System (PoLaRS).


PoLaRS is a lightweight, portable telesurgical system intended for performing advanced laparoscopic surgery at low costs, in comparison with existing systems. The PoLaRS robotic system is being designed to be modular, portable, and affordable, thus overcoming the limitations of the existing robotic surgical systems. Additionally, our robotic master-slave system is designed to be transported in two cases.

The design of the system components and instruments is based on a bare minimum design approach, aiming at the development of advanced technology for developing countries. PoLaRS only requires off-shelf electric components in combination with light materials and easy to manufacture parts, decreasing the weight and the general cost of the system.


PoLaRS is portable and weighs less when compared to other surgical systems. Modular design with fewer parts than conventional systems.


Parts are simple and off the shelf. PoLaRS cost is significantly lower as compared to other systems, thus providing an affordable surgical alternative for developing countries.


It is easy to clean and maintain, and it has a small footprint. The unique steerable instruments used in the system can be cleaned by conventional sterilization techniques.