Aescuvest Alumni Testimonial

Sabine Haeussermann

To who Aescuvest is perfect for:

Aescuvest is perfect for innovative startups in healthcare, as the crowd investors and Aescuvest are healthcare experts and open for this topic. 

How you describe Aescuvest to someone new:

I would describe it as a versatile and unconventional fundraising tool, that gives innovative start-ups the resources to realize their ideas. It’s overall just a great platform and makes raising money fun and enjoyable. 

Your original intention for starting a fundraising campaign on Aescuvest:

Our initial intention for our campaign was to spread awareness for our company and product and raise funds to further work on them. Also, seeing people supporting us and believing in our product was a small upfront ‚proof of concept‘ to us. 

The most valuable outcome Aescuvest enabled you to:

The most valuable outcomes Aescuvest provided for us were on one hand their support and experience in fundraising and on the other hand the confidence they gave us to pursue our goals. 

What makes Aescuvest different than other funding options:

Aescuvest provides an expertise in healthcare – that was very important to us when looking for a fundraising partner. They also provide a healthcare focused ‘crowd’ and are extremely focused and driven in their work. 

Advice for prospective Start-ups:

Seek out the support and tools you need to achieve your goals or realize your ideas and then go for it rather today than tomorrow!