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VisionHealth develops and implements innovative digital healthcare solutions at the highest level, enabling real progress and improvement of therapy standards for patients in a networked world. The pioneers in the field of digital respiratory treatments bring together excellence in the areas of respiratory therapy, digitalization, regulations and marketing to create unique interdisciplinary, international expertise.
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Philipp Kroneberg & Sabine Häußermann
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Munich, May 18, 2021 – The German Aerosol Therapy Symposium (DATS) and VisionHealth GmbH, pioneer in digital support for inhalation therapy for the treatment of chronic respiratory diseases, have held a webinar on digital innovation about the opportunities and risks of artificial intelligence in the Informed pulmonary medicine. The central topic of the three lectures was how solutions from the field of smart medicine and artificial intelligence (AI) can support doctors and patients in diagnosing respiratory diseases and in inhalation therapy. Dr. Sabine Häusermann, CEO and founder of VisionHealth, moderated the webinar and summarized: “It’s refreshing when there are not…