Exciting news for Scopio Labs

We are excited to share some very important milestones, that Scopio Labs was able to reach in recent weeks:

1. FDA Clearance for High Throughput Hematology Digital Cell Morphology Platform, Replacing Microscopes with Digitization

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2. Beckman Coulter and Scopio Labs Partner to Accelerate Adoption of Hematology Digital Cell Morphology Platform

We are excited to share that Beckman Coulter and Scopio Labs have entered into a worldwide distribution partnership. “It is an honor to partner with Beckman Coulter, the pioneers of automated hematology testing and a known industry innovator, to accelerate the digital transformation of hematology laboratories worldwide. By introducing digitalization to Peripheral Blood Smear review at scale, Scopio completes a crucial piece of the puzzle.”

Itai Hayut, CEO, Scopio Labs:

“I cannot be more thrilled to announce that we have partnered with Beckman Coulter, a global leader in laboratory diagnostics, to bring Scopio Labs’ full-field cell morphology platforms to hematology labs worldwide!
Our imaging and AI-powered Peripheral Blood Smear analysis technology is catalyzing a complete digital transformation for our customers, and this partnership will accelerate the transition of the field to a powerful data-driven, digital, and AI-assisted workflow.“

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